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.:| The Award Winners

In any competition, it’s not always about winning or being on top. Sometimes it’s the little triumphs or personal goals that make it special. To honour the team spirit and sportsmanship as well as the dedication and hard work all of the teams made to get to Regionals the following awards were handed out at the end of the competition:

  • Rhonda Kasowski Memorial Award winner - Rachel with Murphy
    (donated by Carrie & Allan Kaufman)

  • Top Scoring Shetland Sheepdog - Kim with Spark
    (donated by Jack & Norma Ridgedale in memory of Skylar)

  • Top All Canadian - Meaghan with Bailey
    (donated by Lori Weltz)

  • Highest Aggregate - Kim with Spark
    (donated by Etnia Barcelona and PACE)

  • Lowest Qualifying Score - Lahni with Que
    (donated by Etnia Barcelona and PACE)

  • Top Gamblers Team - Debra with Saber
    (donated by Etnia Barcelona)

  • Top Standard Team - Sandy with Neo
    (donated by Etnia Barcelona)

  • Top Jumpers Team - Dave with Flash
    (donated by Etnia Barcelona)

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