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Roger Perron

Agility is such an interesting sport. Dogs can have fun, competitors can have fun, and even judges can have fun. I hope you’ll join in.

It's a thrill and privilege to be invited to judge the AB Regionals. As the AAC Treasurer I get to be involved in a lot of agility issues right across Canada but this will be my first time judging at the AB Regionals. I’m really looking forward to it. I have judged the BC Regionals and Nationals and thoroughly enjoy watching all skill levels of teams work together.

I currently compete with an 11 yr old Pyr Shep that just moved to Veterans last year and we've always enjoyed our Regional and National competitions. My goal as a competitor was to someday get on the podium at Nationals and we were able to do that in 16” Regulars a few years back. Hopefully the 2019 AB Regionals will meet your expectations and be a great experience for you and your dog. We are so fortunate to have use of a first class venu that allows us to have such a large, well run, competition for the AB region. Remember to thank the volunteers and organizers that make this possible.

It’s course design that gives me the biggest thrill and challenge in agility these days. We have a fast evolving sport, with a very large cross section of competitors, and it requires continuous study and seminar attendance to stay current. As a retired CFO with an MBA that plays right into my technical leanings. My typical course design is long and flowy with a variety of handling and obstacle challenges. As a judge, I love it when the course can be successfully completed by different handling systems and dogs sizes.

Hopefully, this will be a competition where you and your dog partner get to experience that great feeling that occurs when “everything comes together”. Have FUN.

France Beckner

As a child I always loved to play with animals. Girls would play with dolls and I would play with whatever pet or animal I could find. I trained and rode horses as I grew then met my passion, the world of dog agility training . In the past twenty year I have continued to invest time in gaining knowledge from others in the field of dog training, and agility handling. I feel there is always something to learn and better ways to do things to be great dog trainers. As an agility competitor, I felt the need to give back to the sport I love, so I became a Masters Level Agility Judge in 2004. I served on the Board of the Agility Association of Canada as the BC Yukon Representative from 2006-2007. I have served on other boards, and continue to do so. I have also been privileged to judge three Alberta Regional Championships. My love and passion for the sport continues to grow and I love to share my knowledge with others. I am so thrilled to be once again judging the amazing teams of Handlers and dogs in Alberta.

After many experiences, in Regional, National, as well as International Championships.

Alberta has always produced champions the best of the best.

Also I have made many life long friends, who without our shared passion, I would not have had the privilege of meeting, learning from, and having the time of my life with.

So excited to part of the Alberta AAC Regional Championships, and wish every competitor success, I have the best seat in the house and will be your biggest fan.

Glenn Tiede

I have had dogs most of my life. Always enjoyed having them around and playing with them. After getting married we got our first puppy an ACDxBC. We found flyball and agility to participate with her. We have now had 5 more dogs since our first. I looked to get into judging a few years after starting agility and enjoyed designing courses.

I have been luck enough to attend or participate in all but two BC Regionals and have been on the podium a few times.

Enjoy your time with your friends and teammate. It is awesome that we get to come out here and enjoy the competition and friendships that our dogs have bright into our lives.

Good luck in reaching your goals for the regionals and I will be rooting for each of you from the middle of the ring.

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